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Bout of Books 24 - Day 4

DAY 4 - Thursday, January 10th


Pages read: 44
     44 pages of Close to Home by Suzanne Ferrell
     18 pages of Breath of Fire by Kathryn Nolan (estimated number)

Total pages read: 154
     116 pages of Close to Home by Suzanne Ferrell
     20 pages of Swipe by Kennedy Ryan (estimated number)
     18 pages of Breath of Fire by Kathryn Nolan (estimated number)


∞ Blog Challenge:
    Synopsis Rewrite

Take a favorite book and re-write the synopsis (book description) from the point of view of the non-main character/focus. e.g. Harry Potter from the view of Draco, The Hunger Games from the view of Peeta

I decided to do the synopsis for Blindness by Jose Saramago from the view of the doctor's wife:

Whoever said that in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, 

had no clue what he was talking about... 

Suddenly and inexplicably everyone lost their sight. Everyone but me... 

So now I guide our little group through the streets trying to survive. 

But being the only one who sees is not a gift, it is a curse!

∞ Instagram Challenge:
    Color me happy

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