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Bout of Books 14 - Day 5

Bout of Books

DAY 5 - Friday, August 21th

Pages read: 54
     37 pages of When We Met by Susan Mallery
     17 pages of Accidentally Hooked by Carmen Falcone

Total pages read: 216
     199 pages of When We Met by Susan Mallery
     17 pages of Accidentally Hooked by Carmen Falcone

Blue Books and Butterflies -- Character Soulmates
Today I have the Character Soulmates Challenge for you. It's great because we are going to be shipping characters from different books. Have you ever thought __(person)__ from this book would be just perfect with __(person)__ from this other book? Well here is your chance to finally pair them up and watch the sparks fly.


1.) Pick two characters from two different books who you think will be great together in a romantic relationship. These characters must have never been in the same book together or met before.
2.) Comment on this post telling me which characters you picked and what books they are each from. You can't forget to give them a cool ship name too! An example of a ship name can be "Percabeth" for Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. If you have a blog or a youtube channel, you can also just put this info in a post/video and leave a link to it in the comments.
3.) Give me a short reason as to why you paired those two as a cute couple. Convince us that it is meant to be.
4.) I will be tweeting out my favorites using the hashtags #CharaSM and #BoutofBooks, so leave your twitter name in the comments as well if you want to be mentioned if I tweet yours out.
I choose to pair Reagan from Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl with Quentin (Q) from John Green's Paper Towns.

Q is a senior at high school, which means he's going to college next year. And after dealing with Margo Roth Spiegelman, he deserves someone who is fun and uncomplicated. I can't remember if the book states where he is going to go to college, but maybe he goes to the University of Nebraska, where he meets Reagan and they both start a "normal" relationship. It doesn't have to be forever, just good while it lasts...

Since he's in college now, he goes by Quentin, which makes their ship name Quenagan.

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