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Bout of Books 14 - Day 3

Bout of Books

DAY 3 - Wednesday, August 19th

Pages read: 43
     43 pages of When We Met by Susan Mallery 

Total pages read: 125
     125 pages of When We Met by Susan Mallery

∞ Rocky Top Real Talk -- MASH
Hello, Bout of Bookers!! Today's challenge is a throwback to childhood, especially for those of you that are 90s kids...it's a MASH challenge. That's right - we're doing a book edition of Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House game. The prize? A $10 giftcard to Amazon :)MASH is a fun little game where you write up options for your future and then after getting a number, go through until you have one choice for each category - and have your future right there in front of you!

How to play:
  • Create a MASH game. My go-to categories as a kid were significant other, car, city (I would live in), # of kids, job, and pet, but you can choose what categories you want - this is just for fun. Don't forget to put MASH at the top!
  • Fill in your categories with choices - I always did 4 per category. You can do 3 or 5 or how ever many you want. Here's where you can get creative! I chose to pull my s/o's from books (Braden from LA Candy, Daemon from Lux series, Adrian from VA/Bloodlines, and Jason from Heroes of Olympus), however, you can choose to live in fictional places or have fictional pets, etc. Pull from your favorite books as much as you want.
  • Now you need a number...draw a spiral and fill in the spaces. Make tally marks and stop randomly. Use a random number generator. It's up to you. Once you have your number, it's time to officially play.
  • You can start at MASH or at your first category. I always did the first category. Count your number. Mine was 8. I crossed out the 8th item. Then I continued through the categories and the letters in MASH until one option from each category was left. Once a category only has one, you skip it when counting.

 My MASH and the number picked by random:

 And my final results:

I live in a Mansion in Florence with my significant other, Jamie Fraser. We have no kids, but we do have a Gold Fish. I drive a Mini Cooper and work as a Singer.

I remember vaguely doing a similar game when I was a kid, but I can't remember it very well... Can't even remember what it was called...

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