domingo, 29 de julho de 2018

Opinião: "One Night In Vegas"

Autor: Tia Wylder
Edição/reimpressão: Maio de 2017
ASIN: B072JF53T5
Páginas: 124

Sinopse: He expects way too much from me that night in Vegas… But I need this job more than anything.

After dropping out of college and having to return to my family, I really need this shot to make something of my life. The last thing I need is to ruin my chances by having sordid flings with my boss. Even if he is the gorgeous and charming billionaire CEO, Sean St. John.

I am not going to mess up my chance at building a career for myself but when a horrible client attached me in front of my hotel room, who would come swooping down to rescue me but…Sean?!

He is everything a girl could dream of; strong but sensitive, firm yet gentle and when he offers me a promotion, I know that I will have to stay away from him if I want to keep my job and my reputation. If only, he wasn’t such an incredible kisser…

I don’t know if I can control myself if he is around…

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