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Bout of Books 11 - One True Pairing Challenge

∞ One True Pairing @ Infinite Ink
For this challenge, I want to hear all about your favorite literary OTP.  Tell me why you ship them.  Tell me how perfect they are for each other.  Vent about how frustrating it is that the author paired them with other people.  Give me proof about why they are actually canon, but nobody knows.  I want to hear it all.

I have a lot of literary couples I gush over... And many of those are famous OTP and already receive a lot of love, so I decided to pick one that doesn't get the love it deserves (IMHO): Adam and Mona from What's a Witch to Do? by Jennifer Harlow. I absolutely love those two. Adam is crazy for Mona but she just sees him as an acquaintance really, not even a friend. After all, he's always acted like she had the plague... But now he seems to really, really be into her, which is weird considering she's not exactly popular with men. I love the relationship between them, especially because Adam is a beta and he's not intimidated with the fact that Mona is a strong and independent woman. He's there for her, but doesn't try to get in her way. Oh, and did I mention Mona is a witch and Adam is a werewolf?
I know the impossibility of it ever happening, but I love this book so much, I want it made into a movie. And I've already casted Mona and Adam's parts: Reese Witherspoon and Chris Evans. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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  1. Couples that never get together are so frustrating.

    Thanks for sharing your OTP with me!