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Review: "The Twinning Murders"

Review: I really wanted to have liked this book. It's sinopsis made me believe it would be an interesting cozy mistery. But, unfortunately, there were too many things with the story that I had a problem with. The book starts with Emily's encounter with a man, Doc, who works for a company who wants to build a condominium on the village.  Next she witnesses the death, aparently accidental, of the man who was like a father to her, But some of the things that Doc had told her, plus the fact that the man that died was the biggest objector to the condominium, leads Emily to believe that his death was not an accident. However, and because she had assumed the compromise to take the Curtis brothers (Harriet, Silas and Pru) to the village of Lydfield-in-the-Moor, in Great Britain, to participate in the twinning, Emily is forced to leave. She then leaves the investigation on the hands of Babs, a former highschool collegue, and Will, the handyman her mother hired to fix the B&B she owns. In Great Britain another murder happens and it's related to the first one but we're only told the connection and the motive for the crimes in the end.

Like I've said I had a few problems with the story. Even though it's her hometown, Emily doesn't seem to have any friends, just acquaintances. Babs is the closest to a friend she has, but Emily doesn't seem to particularly like her nor does she seem to have much patience with her. And Emily is described as athletic (she was on the school's soccer team), pretty, extrovert and adventurer. She has everything to be popular. How is it possible that she hasn't any friends? Apart from Babs, Emily only seems to trust Will, a man she barely knows and that's not local, and that I can live with cause, since Emily almost imediately starts to suspect everyone in town, trusting a stranger makes sence. But then she doesn't completely trust, she doesn't tell him everything, she seems determined to do everything and discover everything all by herself.

This was a story that didn't hook me. The characters have little (or none) development and that made it impossible for me to relate to any of them, not even with Emily. I don't know if this happens to anyone else but if I can't relate with a character I don't really care what happens to her.

I liked the writting of the author and the premise but, unfortunately I just couldn't relate to it.


This book was provided to me by UK and Beyond Book Tours for a review.

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