terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

Dia 26 – Personagem literária que gostarias de conhecer


Hercule Poirot, mais certainement! Adoraria substituir o Capitão Hastings por uns tempos e assistir às célulazinhas cinzentas mais famosas de sempre a trabalhar.

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  1. This is too surreal. I actually posted a reply earlier to your post on favourite literary characters. In it I mentioned that perhaps Poirot would be one, but ultimately deemed him as a bit annoying at times; Christie herself stated how she had come to hate him toward the end of writing his novels.

    Nonetheless, he is definitely a curious character indeed, and note how we are really kept quite in the dark about him...

  2. Yes, he can be annoying sometimes, but I think it's part of his charm :)

    I still haven't read all of his books, so I don't know how much about him is revealed in the books but I had a feeling it wouldn't be much more... Maybe that contributes to his mystique.

  3. Também adoro o Poirot, ainda hoje é a minha personagem preferida da A. Christie.

    Gostei dos novos background e banner. ;)


  4. I've read from 'The Mysterious Affair at Styles' through to 'The ABC Murders' at present. I also 'Halloween Party' was picked up also along the way, though that's much later in the series.

    I keep meaning to get back into her Poirot books, but other reading has cropped up along the way, as is its wont.

    I think however annoying one finds Poirot, if you're the innocent party facing the hangman's noose for a crime you didn't commit, you're likely going to be happy he has appeared ;-)

  5. Olá Barroca, ainda bem que gostaste do novo look! :)

  6. Will, you're totally right. In that sense, Poirot is like a House detective, he can be annoying (and he usually is) but he gets the job done! :D

    You should go back to Poirot soon, I intend to after I finish Bag of Bones.